Mid-Century Compound With Incredible Views

Two properties combined create a mid-century compound with incredible views!


Exceptional privacy behind tall hedges and gates.

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A rare offering minutes from Chateau Marmont and the Sunset Strip.

Chic and sophisticated. Two homes on two lots connected by fabulous pool, a sun-drenched deck, orchard, and multiple outdoor living spaces with water and fire features.   



Top of the line appliances and walnut floors in both homes.

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8312 Hollywood Blvd (Main House) consists of 3 bedrooms and 4 baths with terrazzo details in game room and fireplace. 1542 Marmont Ave (Lower House) offers 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. An ideal live/work property or celebrity estate.

14-811957_d370f464-14c2-4567-8f66-a67a8e7292e4 14-811957_bb41b3e2-ff0e-4308-934d-c16c0b18867d 14-811957_964a5a39-55d9-471b-94a2-957067cdf024

14-811957_f9f72a5a-858a-43e1-bd28-5052dcbff762 14-811957_da5d631a-026c-4a1c-822f-48bbaab19154 14-811957_bd9fcf77-bf4b-49f2-8f60-9404ce7a624d  14-811957_2994eab3-9ef4-4fe2-9bf4-9c61097f0d25

 14-811957_56ace767-98e7-465f-8d88-a7897aa7562d 14-811957_3d17b961-f0d8-4e90-a134-607ae0473dbc 14-811957_2bb5a0c7-654b-44d1-9b4c-cd78597accf3  14-811957_1b921be4-efa4-46e4-bcc5-f23d69bd6539

Listing provided courtesy of Drew Fenton, Hilton & Hyland

For a private tour of this home, or many other homes I can suggest, please contact me:




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