Newly Constructed Masterpiece Nestled Behind Chateau Marmont

This newly constructed masterpiece is nestled just behind the Chateau Marmont with stunning city views.14-815153_7a3e63dc-7c99-4185-9aea-5a755efc9b15Even better yet, the property is walking distance to numerous dining option14-815153_298e8938-169b-4d1c-8f8b-3736c0434a8414-815153_9d28b846-2208-4176-ad7d-85852ad68cc9 14-815153_3e17c586-3ebf-4192-9a45-429228b56dd1 14-815153_ca0577b2-e936-48f5-b517-097cb6ac4dc6At more than 3,000 sq. ft. , the home boasts 4 bedrooms, with a large walk-in closet in the master, and 3 bathrooms. 14-815153_f6fc2b68-6c3e-42a9-afd9-09e5f8281306 14-815153_a6f47d38-3c40-48a4-8245-f5e340d48e64 14-815153_5aca5e98-eee3-4a44-8b21-9328c14de154

14-815153_9f01d4b9-5f37-49da-b9e4-dce626683c9c 14-815153_e7e3b93a-9568-4139-bf17-cae66b21f78f

An expansive outdoor deck and a fantastic infinity pool all overlook stunning city lights.

14-815153_d99757f6-3e9c-4181-817d-d29ee36427ea 14-815153_a10be072-2fc8-4af4-b42e-702174841a53 14-815153_762331f7-0995-4c49-aa3a-6cef6c2fd8fb

Listing provided courtesy of Jason Oppenheim, The Oppenheim Group

For a private tour of this home, or many other homes I can suggest, please contact me:



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